Oxford Vaughan Becomes An Official Supplier To The Apache Attack Helicopter Display Team

Oxford Vaughan, the luxury British sunglasses brand, is proud to announce its affiliation with the Apache Attack Helicopter Display Team as Official Supplier of sunglasses.

Inspired by a style that inspired a generation, Oxford Vaughan’s SpeedBird range is rooted in endeavor, exploration and exhilaration; it is the perfect choice for the Apache Attack Helicopter Display Team pilots who clearly demand the best.

The SpeedBird is an elegant evolution of the iconic aviator design – a true classic with ageless worldwide popularity. Shaped distinctively with 18K yellow gold, 21K white gold or 22K rose gold-plated aircraft-grade titanium frames, and fitted with polarised world-renowned ZEISS lens technology, the SpeedBird’s sophisticated protection helps to eliminate the reflective glare from the cockpit instruments.

The Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter is one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in the world, and it has proven to be a unique battle winner in Afghanistan, where it has been operating under harsh environmental conditions since 2006. The Apache attack helicopter can operate in all weather conditions, day or night, and it can detect, classify and prioritize up to 256 potential targets in a matter of seconds.

The Apache Attack Helicopter Display Team is drawn from a pool of experienced, operationally ready Apache aircrew and ground crew; the aircraft used are from the operational Apache Squadrons. This year the display aircrew has been selected from 662 Squadron AAC which has recently returned from a very successful operational tour of Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Jamie Boakes is the primary display pilot with Captain Phil Wilson and Captain Harry Wales (Prince Harry) as the two front seat co-pilot gunners. Maj Stew Pearce and Capt Chuck Nicol are the Display Supervisors and Manager, whilst Sgt JJ John is the voice of the team providing the commentary. LCpl Luke Corbin provides expertise as the ground Arming Point Commander.

The team is displaying at various air shows this summer around the UK to show the capability and agility of the Army Air Corps Apache helicopter and will be wearing Oxford Vaughan SpeedBird sunglasses.

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