British by design. The pinnacle of precision.
Handmade frames with Carl Zeiss lenses.

Inspired by classic British design and luxury, Oxford Vaughan wanted go beyond anything seen before when crafting their luxury eyewear collection. Merging technical excellence and the finest materials with high fashion, Oxford Vaughan wanted to create the most beautifully engineered, most luxurious sunglasses in the world.

Each pair of Oxford Vaughan sunglasses is lovingly hand-crafted over 140 processes of precision engineering, using only the finest materials in the world.

Whereas most sunglasses are mass produced using stainless steel and cheap plastic, Oxford Vaughan individually hand-craft their eyewear frames using aircraft-grade titanium, the highest grade acetates, precision-engineered German manufactured hinges, the finest Zeiss lenses, and the most luxurious precious metals – yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Once the frame has been crafted, it undergoes a unique 2 day polishing process, to bring the best out of the precious metals and give the frame the most beautiful, luxurious finish.
Each frame is given its own unique serial number and stainless-steel identification card. The unique identification number is inscribed on to the inside temple of the frame, and on to the stainless steel card, proving the frame's authenticity and guaranteeing the Oxford Vaughan quality.

The frame is then fitted with Karl Zeiss lenses – the finest lenses available today. Karl Zeiss lenses are famed for the crystal clarity and unparalleled vision that they provide.

It is a well-known fact that astronauts used a ZEISS camera lens to photograph the first man on the moon and why Google Earth, Nobel Prize scientists and Hollywood directors place their trust in ZEISS optics.

For Oxford Vaughan, Zeiss lenses were the obvious choice. As, what use are the most luxurious, highest quality sunglasses frames in the world, without the highest quality lenses?

The completed Oxford Vaughan sunglasses and their unique stainless-steel identification card are presented in a luxurious piano black wooden presentation box, with a hand-stitched Italian saddle leather roll. The finishing touches to the most luxurious, precision engineered and technically excellent sunglasses in the world.

Oxford Vaughan - Quintessentially British - 100 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1SP