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Christian Bendek is a Caribbean-based blogger, model and Instagram star, and has developed a large following online through his alter-ego and blogging persona 'The Caribbean King'.

Christian has always had a passion for the beach and the beauty of island life, so he developed the online alter-ego, 'The Caribbean King', as a way of sharing the beauty of the Caribbean with the world.

The images that Christian uploads of the stunning Aruba beaches, luxurious island resorts, his favourite swimwear, and island life, have gained quite a following online - with his Instagram account currently having nearly 70,000 followers.

Christian can often be seen on the beaches and around the pools of Aruban resorts wearing his Oxford Vaughan sunglasses. As a fan of tortoiseshell eyewear, Christian's favourite Oxford Vaughan frames are the 'Monza' – he even wrote a post on his blog about his love of them.

Christian has a real appreciation for luxury style. Through his online persona, he is able to capture the beautiful, luxurious, handmade quality of Oxford Vaughan eyewear, and share it with the world.

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Oxford Vaughan is born out of three generations of style, craftsmanship and design.

Just as as the quality of a tailored suit is judged on the quality of the material, workmanship and fine detail, where millimetres can make all of the difference; Oxford Vaughan treat their eyewear just as a master tailor would treat his fabrics.

Each pair of Oxford Vaughan sunglasses is individually hand crafted over 140 stages of precision engineering, by the finest eyewear master-craftsmen in the world. Each Oxford Vaughan piece is given its own individual serial number and identification card, and is presented in a piano black wooden presentation box, with a hand-stitched Italian saddle leather roll.

Precision-engineered, with a unique 2 day polishing process for the most beautiful, luxurious finish, Oxford Vaughan sunglasses are crafted using only the world's finest materials; aircraft-grade titanium, the finest acetates and some of the most precious metals in the world – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

With Oxford Vaughan eyewear, only the most exacting standards of quality and finish are acceptable. Going beyond anything seen before, merging technical excellence with high fashion, Oxford Vaughan have created the most beautifully engineered and most luxurious sunglasses in the world.

Fred Van Eijk is an expert in luxury travel. Working as a 'Travel Counsellor', blogger, writer and television presenter in the Netherlands, Fred spends much of his time at some of the most luxurious and exclusive locations around the world.

Marvelling at the worlds most beautiful sights and scenery, and bathing at the finest beaches and resorts that the world has to offer, it's only right that Fred wears the most luxurious eyewear, offering him the best view and the chicest style around.

With all of his experience, Fred knows the true meaning of the word 'luxury'. Fred's Oxford Vaughan sunglasses epitomise luxury style, and accompany him on all of his travels.

Whether he's golfing in Marbella, on Safari in Botswana, exploring the ancient streets of Santorini, or on an epic adventure in Patagonia, Fred sees it all through the crystal clarity that his Oxford Vaughan sunglasses provide. Without fail, Fred's Oxford Vaughan sunglasses keep his style sharp, his eyes protected, and his vision clear, all over the world, all year round. After all, what is luxury travel without a pair of luxury sunglasses?

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Beyond performance, style is just as important in creating a collection of luxury eyewear. As, not only are handmade build quality and superb Zeiss optics important for military professionals and sportspeople, but for those style and fashion conscious individuals looking for the finest, most luxurious eyewear pieces around. Oxford Vaughan use only the finest materials and precious metals in the crafting of their eyewear collection, and a unique two-day polishing process for the most luxurious finish. The classic styles of the Oxford Vaughan collection, from the chic wayfarer of the Monte Carlo, to the iconic aviator of the SpeedBird, ensure a lasting collection of eyewear which can be worn for a lifetime – because as fashion fades, style endures.

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